Friday, November 6, 2009

Legal Laws And Statutes

Do you know the difference between the two? Law is the common law, if you are a compulsive liar you may not know the difference between the two and most politicians and law enforcement does not know either.

Is speeding against the LAW? The answer is NO! To commit a crime you need to do three things.
  1. An intend
  2. Committing/Doing
  3. Killing/Casualties
If you don't intend to do it, it just happens because there was a traffic that you did not know about. Now you have to speed to get to your appointment.

Yes, you did it but still not a crime because the other two did not happen.

Did you kill anyone by speeding. Even if you only answer yes to one of these, according to the common law you will not go to jail. It also depends if you have such loud mouth and bad mouthing every police when you get caught and guess what you are going to jail.

If you know how to be free in this country and the if you are not under statutes you are more likely to get out with nothing in your record. But as soon as you show them any information about yourself like drivers license and other papers about you, you are under these statutes that they LAW.

Start your research now, because as soon as they pass the statutes about internet you will not find any more information about these things. LAWYERS/ATTORNEYS does not know anything about this stuff unless they are awake like me. They may know everything about the SO CALLED LAWS (they are not laws) but nothing about the supreme law/the common law.

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