Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Different Everywhere

You all know what this blog is all about. My family tried hiring a notary and we just found out that in our state they don't have the authority to do what we wanted them to do. Now, we have to find a state that can do this to start our freedom (when I say "our" it means my family).

Our friends wrote a letter to the voters registration and got his voters ID and drivers license taken out of the system. He said that they only wanted a letter explaining why and his information was taken out. He is naturally born American citizen and his next step is trying to become a free man by denouncing his citizenship, he wants to be sovereign.

We are a little scare for him, however he is single and don't have to worry about anyone but himself. We communicate via email and he writes every time when there are something new he discover or done on how he did it and what the government organizations said about it.

We can easily move to Canada to join a group of people who done a lot more but we wanted to do it here and challenge our system. Good luck to those who are making the move to free society.

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