Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1.5 Million for A Football Field

That is what my school district wanted to spend our money on. Mind you that the teachers and other public services is being told that will not get any salary because the the budget was never approved. Even my last cyber school my DD was in did not sent anything for Science experiments because of that. Now, they have this kind of money to spend on a field, mind you we don't even have a football team.

We voted this people to sit whatever position they are on, and once they are seated all they do is spend, spend and spend the tax payers money. When did I tell them that anytime they wanted to spend my money that all they have to do is tell us. That they don't need my vote to say yes or no, because it does not matter, even if I am against it it does not matter. They already have the money and they spend it to whatever they want.

I will not be surprise if that amount does not all go for the stupid field. And I bet part of it will go into their pockets with the only paper trail saying that "yes, they paid that much for it". I hate seated officials like them.

Now, my stinking property tax will rise again because I know for a fact that they will do it even if the people disagree with their decisions. Who are they to play god? There better be hell because I know they will go there. I don't care if their family is very religious, in my opinion the family who are very religious are the ones you always sins, because think that going to church every Sunday or Saturday will save them from hell. I AM SO PISSED RIGHT NOW WITH THIS KIND OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!....ARGH.


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