Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Still Hoping?

Not really, I'm hoping there will be no blood shed from both sides but then again that is depends with our leaders. If every citizen of this country charge all the politician of treason whenever they do something bad, big or little and you know what...they will stop and will follow the constitution into the very last little laws in it.

However, since most of the US citizens does not care if a few politician does not think that the law are above them and kept on voting away the citizens right. Because they think they are above the law and the citizens are at the very bottom of this government pyramid from what they think.

Not only that they are very wrong, they are under the citizens of this country. They are put there by voters like us. However, the citizens who put them there does not think that they have the power to remove them. Why? Because the citizens are brainwashed by the media and the so called law makers who are the real enemy of this country. The power and money hungry individuals are rotting our government. There are no terrorist, they are the terrorist in my opinion.

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