Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Monroe Campus

No! To thisLike you can see it says here that the State is offering Us (of course I'm against it) $36 million to build a new Monroe Campus here in Monroe County Pennsylvania. Mind you I heard that the public school has no funding or no funding was approved for it. Not that I am very fond of public schools but teachers are not getting paid.

And now the State is approving a $36 million for a new campus. From our hard earn tax money that are taken by force. Please vote "NO" to this new campus that they say will create jobs and everyone will benefited. I don't think so. This question will be in the ballot and can be see at the very top. Please vote "NO". Stop spending our tax dollars. My husband will probably donate his time to campaign for everyone to vote "no" to this in our local voting center. We already decided that we are voting anymore because we are trying to get out of being a corporation, but this one need attention and we will vote just for this this coming Tuesday.

On Tuesday, November 3 vote "NO" to the new campus...this is for the voters of Monroe County Pennsylvania.

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