Thursday, October 29, 2009

Saving For Rainy Days

There are still so many people on this country who are in very deep sleep and don’t have any idea what we are against when it comes to our economy. Plenty will say that our government owes them things, which in my opinion they don’t because every time you ask something from them, we are the one who pays for it by taxing us dry. I rather keep my tax dollars and live with it than giving it to the government they give them the authority on how to spend it. You should it by now that I am against to any government agencies meddle in my personal life.

Every now and then, when we have extra cash we buy something for our investments to use for rainy days. It may not be very long and we have to tap on it very soon, but with God grace we are hoping we don’t have to. We buy gold of any kind and hide it where no one but us will find it. I don’t believe with safe deposit boxes and savings account anymore after finding out how the interest works.

We started buying silver and gold bullion from then on and even gold coins. I’m not really sure how heavy they are but people and merchants will realize that the bill we are using now is a fiat money. And I bet you when the economy goes down they will be willing to accept this kind of currency. Laugh if you will, we will see who will be laughing when what I am saying happens.

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