Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Protection)

Power Over Citizen (World Filled Wednesday)

What kind of job can you get in this nice U. S. of A that you can boss people around, slap them a few times and put them in jail and still those people you slap around pays your salary? The LAW ENFORCEMENT, silly.

The citizen pays their salary and what the citizens get for it, yes, put in jail for being a by standard. They don't have to tell you why you are not allowed to be, just because they told you that should be good enough for you to stay out. Yeahhhhh, the real good nice U. S. of A. for you.

Pay someone to beat you up and put you in jail if you say something on why they are beating you up. Ain't life in this country grand...

I hope you can see the sarcastic tune in all of this and GO AWAY G20, we don't need you in my state. AND TAKE ALONG YOUR POLICE FORCE! YES, I AM YELLING, CAN'T YOU TELL. The image below can be very useful during those times. However, I don't even have enough food stock up to spend buying below images to protect myself from them.

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