Friday, September 25, 2009

Third Step to be Free

Driver license is not required, do not get one. You can drive in this country without drivers license. All the places that tells you to get license, passport, insurance are part of corporations. Deal with them and you become part of these associations.

I can't stress this enough that if you got a birth certificate and social security number, you are not part of the corporation yet if you are under 18. Once you use anything that is given to you by the county, state and our government you are in and you better get out fast.

Going the court house and telling them that you don't want anything to do with it will not get you off the hook. You need to learn how they use the English language to their advantage. A lawyer does not work for you. Their job is to the law first and you second or whatever when they feel like it. Courthouses have their own English language that has different meaning. You better study the black dictionary before going there to try to get out of the system/corporation.

Never give out your name. Human being has only one name and that is your given name, or from the free man words "given affiliation". Never ever use the word name when someone wanted to know what people calls you. You can simply say "I go by so and so". When filling out forms sign you name "by:Jane-Doe", if you are married women "by:Jane-Doe:John". You don't have a last name, middle name or first name. You have one given affiliation, example "Jane Doe John" never write them separately, always together.

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