Sunday, September 6, 2009

MM*Could I Have This Kiss*

Another none political related song however, I must admit the male singer is very nice to look at. I have not seen any new pictures of him since his mole was taken out. Anyway, you can request an add to his MySpace if you like. Yes, he is on MySpace.

Happy Labor Day, whatever that means. Are we celebrating the day the we became slave of American Corporation? I'm sorry but not me, I refused to celebrate something that is stolen from me and very snicky the way they did it. And that goes with the EntreCard social network. First they will only give the dropper 1 credit, then they are not happy with it and take 3/4 of your advertising revenue. Sorry, but I will not work my behind earning so that someone else can benefited from my hard work. I will only drop to those who drop on my widget and will not advertise nor take ads anymore. I apologize to my regular droppers.
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