Monday, September 21, 2009

I Found Everything At...

I just noticed today that my daughter is in her last size of clothing. I usually shop when there is a big sale going on, and I buy two or three different sizes clothing for all of my kids. Furthermore, that goes with the shoes as well. When they use to go to our local school district I go shopping with only one kid in tow. Sometimes my in laws comes and take one or two of them out and I have one to two hours for myself. I used those hour/s going shopping for anything and going out by myself was and is always useful.

Right now, even going to the bathroom I am getting interrupted. The little time I have left is spent online browsing and shopping as well. This is the only I shop now for clothing for any of my kids. Thank goodness for sites like ShopWiki, I can spend less time looking for things they need. It’s not very hard to shop for boys clothing and I am so lucky I only have one girl to shop for. I am all about savings this year, I try not to spend too much but at the same time I make sure we can buy what we need on our everyday living. I bet there are a lot of summer clothing that are on sale right now because fall is here. If only money is not an object, then that is another whole story and post.