Saturday, August 29, 2009

Read Music

Most mothers will agree that teaching our children on their early years have the biggest benefit. They love to learn and they copy anything that everyone around them does. You don’t believe me; try it with your babies and toddlers. We have seen it so many times on talk shows all over the world. Their parents spend a fairly amount of time playing and teaching their kids at the same time. My 3 year old was the same way, I introduce him the online alphabet and he learned the letters and sounds just buy listening & watching. I wish I can find sight reading music with the same concept online. I have not given up and until now I’m still looking.

There are plenty of lessons online but you have to pay for it or buy the DVD for it. Just like the one from Yoke Wong “Read Music” DVD’s and CD’s. However, we don’t have piano or even an organ to get my kids started with music course. My kids have it in them to learn any instruments and all I have to do is introduce it to them and let it develop. My husband and I talk about hiring a music tutor but our budget can’t afford it right now. My oldest already plays the violin and it would be nice to have the rest pick up an instrument they also enjoy. We could have a little symphony going every time we have company over. That would be so cute.

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