Friday, August 14, 2009

I Support William Kostric

I am talking about the man in New Hampshire who carry a loaded handgun.

This is our right people, the right to own gun, the right to bare arms and by the way that the president is trying to abolish. I don't care what the mass media says about gun control. They are bought by the corporation who is running the America. This reporter did not even give him a chance to let him talk. What happens to this mans right as an American? You can tell that this reporter is against guns, period. I don't have respect for this type of people who think that they are above the supreme law of this land. That they have the right to tear this man apart in front of millions of people.

I wish I have his gut to go in national television, and to be interview by a liberal reporter who does not even hear what he is saying. Two thumbs up to you and we are behind you 200% for what you stand for. You could probably get Glen Beck to do the interview, but hey it's only my opinion. I will never let this liberal reporter get any minute of my time just to make me look like a fool. You are in the right track, but please pick the right person to give your information to. You will not get anywhere with liberal people these days.

I really like the peoples comment when Ron Paul was interview and get his side about the whole thing. People are saying "OH MY GOD, IT'S A GUN, STAY AWAY", believe it or not you will never hear anyone say something like that when a person a police walking in the street, and lets even say that he is off duty. It's the same thing. The media is just making a big deal out of nothing, just to REPORT SOMETHING AND MAKE EVERYONE THINK THAT CARRYING A GUN IS ILLEGAL. Get real, you can dig a lot from the president to report and let the public know that bothering a law abiding citizen on their rights. RIDICULOUS.

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