Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Are You Ready for the Worst

We are getting ready to whatever is coming upon us. Everything that we can think of that we needed in an emergency we are buying or at least going half with other people in our group. We always wish that we bought a house in the boonies where there are no neighbors and there is only one way in. We live in an open area which exposed with everything (especially neighbors). We don’t live within the city limits but one neighbor acts like she is in the city yelling to my kids to be quiet while playing in our yard. I feel like throwing a running shoe/s on her head however, I am not that good in hitting a target especially when there are trees and hedges between us.

Women running shoes
And speaking of running shoes my kids need a pair of hiking shoes. I cannot find hiking boots for them at this age. And I think hiking shoes will be just fine. I can’t really buy it now because their feet are still growing however, will there be any shoes left when the economy goes under? I can probably buy one size bigger than what they are using now and one extra bigger shoe for my 8 years old. When he grow out of his shoe size he can use the bigger one, then I can pass his small shoes to the next kid in line (hand down).

I am also buying any fabrics that are on sale. I don’t need it right now, but it will come handy when something happens. Are you ready for the worst? Remember, the best time to get ready for the bad times are during the good times, while you have a job, while you can still afford it.

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