Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vaccines (not good for you)

Most of you probably gotten vaccines for everything already. Here is another one for you that are not for your own good. And don't let me get started with HPV vaccines either. I think that one was develop to get any girl not to have any children. Like the video say's "DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH". And you are trying to kill your love ones, skip the vaccines and just put bullet in your children head. It will save you more money. You will go to jail however, you are giving the rights of any doctor to do the same with your kids lives. And when you do that no one goes to jail. Hey, I'm just telling you the truth. Oh yea, why have kids if you wanted to kill them. Don't have any if you don't know what is bad or good for them because they came out of this world with out your help and they don't come with any manual. If the government tells enough lies someone somewhere is bound to believe it.
Sign our
petition against mandatory vaccinations here. Save your love ones lives.

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