Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taxing Toilet Paper To Save Trees?

Tree Lovers
Another tax bill coming to us, and this is for stupid save the trees. What a stupid thing to do. They can't get enough people to follow their stupid global warming stuff, now they are forcing the public to pay for their organization by squishing taxes out of us.

Save the trees, save the trees we will run out of oxygen in this country, or better yet in this planet. Bullshit! They are taking everything from us by taxing us senseless and for what? They don't have enough money to support their grandchildren-children for the rest of their lives. This is ridiculous and people who are doing nothing and sit and just keep saying let's see what happens. Stand up for what is right and for human right for once.

And don't get me started with hunting bill coming out. Our government suck, we the citizens have the power to make it right!

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