Wednesday, July 15, 2009

State Own Land

Tell me, who actually own these land? The government? The U.N.? The Elite of the world? Now we are getting somewhere. And that goes in that order if you can find the paper trails for it.

Did you know that the government is only allowed to own land if, they have a building standing on it or for military bases. Look it up in our constitution. And why are we allowing them to buy out people in certain area to be have the land own by these people?

They are doing so many things un-constitutional and the citizen of this country just sit pretty and letting them. They want the government to do everything for them, but you don't realize for what cause. Because you are too lazy to do it yourselves. Count me out, I like doing things for myself and I like my freedom. My freedom cost a lot more than free health care, free road, free food, etc. Yes you are getting all these free things, who are paying for this?

Does the government have a money tree, that every time it gave you something free, they just pick it from the money tree they are growing. With all these free stuff you are getting the payment is your freedom, yourselves, because they own you, they own anything and everything about you. You are not free.

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