Monday, July 13, 2009

No MM Today

Another bill trying to pass in congress. It was passed by one of the house already. Somewhere in the bill that a patriotic American will not allowed to join the military if they support the constitution. Oh great, for those who are trying to get into American military all you have to say that you are un-American, you are in.

Did you know that we are only allowed to have a standing military for two years? Nothing in the constitution say we can have a military forever unless we are at war. They should be trial for treason for what they are doing. Nope, because the mas media keep talking about things. And the American people are too stupid to check it for themselves. They assume since a lot of people are talking about it, that it should be true...wrong, that exactly is what they want you to believe. There are so many people are talking about it, so it must be true. You are too stupid, so you will get the flu vaccine because they say it will prevent you for getting the swine flu. Yes, you are too stupid for your own good.

If it's too good to be true, it probably is. You are paying them to kill yourself. If you want to do that, you simply stand in the middle of the busy road and kill yourself. It will save you more money.

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