Friday, July 17, 2009

Health Care Bill

The Health Care Bill will fund State Vaccine Team to conducts "Interventions" in private home. Very good you say, I say over my dead body. You will not allowed to come to my house to give away free vaccines. I don't care if my kids are not allowed to go to school, then I'll teach them at home.

Waning immunity is of particular public health interest because it may result in increased susceptibility later in life, when the risk of severe complications may be greater than that in childhood. Who are they to play GOD? It's my life, if I want to kill myself I don't need their help to do so, because that is what they are doing.

People who developed this vaccine does not even use it themselves. And why should I use it. They are making everything mandatory because they wanted to make money of you. And for those who are for it, good for you, you are now the puppets and the guinea pig of this drugs companies.

To read more about this issue here at Prison Planet, and please visit this sign the petition against forced vaccinations.

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