Thursday, July 23, 2009

Government Stepping In About Hunting Age Limit

I saw this on msn a day ago that the government is yet again taking over of the parents rights with their children. It is the parents job if their kids are ready to hunting by themselves and American Indian had done this for so many years. It's not the government problem if a kid shoot himself dead in the woods, nor to educate them about guns.

I grow up with guns around my house. As soon as we are curious enough about it, my father thought us (siblings) to use it. And when he saw us playing it before we learn to shoot it, they told us not to. And we listen because if we don't we get a spanking. And we knew it, if we don't follow him we would get spank.

Here, if you told them to stop doing what they are not allowed to do, your kids will answer with " I will report you to the social services" and you know what they will do right? The government will step in and break your family. If you grow up using guns you are least likely to have an accidents, and I have not have one for almost 39 years. I just wish that we have big land to have a shooting practice everyday for my kids. However, we don't and we can only do it once a month or less because we need to go to a certain place to do it.

Government thinks they know kids, but when it comes to it, they still gives the right to other people on how to raise someone else kids. And they want them to be raise certain way, the way they can control, brainwashed and turn into their puppets to do their dirty jobs. Sick!

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