Friday, July 10, 2009

Global Warming?

Who came up with this idea? The elite who are paying the politicians of this country to form so many organization to protect the planet for their own consumptions? Oh no! we are done with global warming, we are getting into an ice age again. And many of you trying to save the polar bears of Arctic. Make up your mind, and your excuses are getting old fast and more people are seeing it.

Do not cut trees, I will run out of oxygen. Hey, if they don't belong to you, you don't have say about the whole thing. Oops, I forgot everything belong to them, we are only renting because we are a corporation. All of this happens because most politician are own buy these elites.

You don't like it, dig yourself a hole and stick your head there until you die.

Oh by the way, yes we really are having global warming. That is why in July I'm having temperature in the 50's. That's is global warming for you...right....hmmm

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