Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Energy Bill"

Yup, another way to get money out of the hard working tax payers. From what I heard it would triple the price of our electric bill. They want us to use less and not spend too much time reading online about how bad this government is. They want us to cramp ourselves in one place then kill us there.

If you have a water pump because you don't live within the city limit, that will change too. They are now allowed to put a meter there to measure how much of their water you are using and charge you for it. Ain't America great, you have to pay for everything even you already own it.

But wait, we don't own it. We are only renting from what they are saying. We don't have rights to take water from the ground that they own, we are not allowed to farm the dirt that they own. Because each citizen of this country is a corporation. We don't have rights.

Do you know where is your tax dollars go? It goes to the federal reserve first to pay for their debt, then if there is any left over from their monthly payment, then you are lucky enough to have a new roads, bridges or anything that your township needed.

I wish all of these people to go hell when they die. Who knows maybe they already been there and it's just like here. They can boss everyone around and keep passing stupid bills to pay for what they need. Keep taxing the hard working people every time they needed something. More money for the rich...yay! NOT!

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