Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Card Without The Hassle

I used to work for a financial institution company and came across many individual who cannot get a checking or savings account because they have bad credit. Or simply written bad checks against their account in another financial institution and looking at their credit report will tell me just that. They claimed that they needed a checking account to pay bills that don’t take any other form of payment but through checking. Yes there are a few of them around then. I wished I had known about Prepaid Mastercard to help them with their problems.

This company offers 100 percent approval, no credit checks, no bank account needed and most of all safe and secure. They also offer 100 percent free direct deposit, you can never spend more than what you have and you can load your card in a few locations in your area that accepts MasterCard, and those are the main advantages of Prepaid Debit Card. I never liked to carry cash with me, they are bulky and when I lost some I can never get it back. Furthermore, it works just like a regular debit and credit cards without the hoopla's.

This is going to be great for my soon to be college student. Setting a spending limit and teaching him how to budget it, is also a plus. I’m hoping he doesn’t need to get credits because that will be another bill to pay at the end and will save us a lot of headache. Albeit credit card companies will offer no payments until he finish college or low monthly payment, the question will be “what will happen if the economy belly up” where is he going to get the money to pay for it? In my opinion they are not worth the hassle. And I need for him to understand it for his own good.

To get more information about Prepaid Credit Card, please visit them at http://www.achievecard.com and please read everything specially the fees before committing yourself into it.

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