Thursday, July 30, 2009

Affordable Precription Glasses

I am very close to getting my very first prescription glasses, being in front of the computer a lot and all. It will not get any better soon because this year I will be teaching three of my kids. We use the internet a lot and reading their lessons for them is my job right now. One is starting in Kindergarten and that alone for the whole year is a lot of reading in my side. My first grader know a little, or should I say she knows small words and most words that I thought her the previous school year that are listed on her sight words. And lastly my third grader who are not comfortable doing the lesson on his own.

My husband has been wearing one since I met him and I think he is due for a new one. He is blind as a bat, the way he put it. I wish I can give him some of my good sight but it does not work that way. This time I want him to get a clip on and maybe he can get a pair of sunglasses from The deal of the month in men glasses will do. And the clearance prices is as good just to wear at work

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