Thursday, June 18, 2009

There Are Ways

I am talking about to become free to this country. It would be hard for people who don't have a property, and land to live on. You need to start with the birth certificate. Do not get or get your newborn birth certificate and social security card. For those who are using the government insurance will not have any choice but to get those two things. Never let them take a footprints of your newborn either.

The footprints is like a signature. The capitalize name printed on your birth certificate and social security card is your corporation under the government. You are the corporation and the government is making money off you.

If you are old like me the best thing to do is pay off all your credits. House, cars, property, any property you got with the same name you have in your social security card and birth certificate. If you are just closing with your house tell the lawyers you wanted to buy the land where the house is build. Make sure you don't use your corporation name. Our land where our houses are build is not our property. That is why the government can do anything with it. They can tell you that you are not allowed to garden it or have a cow, chicken etc. If you can own your own corporation you can do all of above.

We are in the process of claiming everything. From ourselves, our children, our house and lot and a lot more. This is not going to be easy, but we will sure try.

Keep checking my writings if you want new development with our venture.

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