Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shop At One Place and Save

Shopping at one place online can save you money. Not only that you will only pay one shipping cost but knowing what you already bought. It happens to me once and that was lesson learned. Then again I could have made a list to know what I already bought from another company. When I buy gifts I like it to educational. My hubby always urge me to buy gifts that are fun and creative just like weather, electricity and motor experiments of some sorts. However, with educational and creative toys they always learn, my way is more direct approach and my husband's way is more fun.

We have variety of toys, I think (ha ha ha). My children bedrooms are full of it and even their personal computers. We are covered when it's sunny or rainy outside. I think we have more games than any family that I know of. We are not stingy when our kids asked for something as long as we can afford it. (May I suggest using ShopWiki when shopping online for toys? Just type in your search and you will find choices and more, unlike the other stores).

My husband even bought the kids a little ATV. We have to run behind them to control how fast they go and to make sure they don't tip-over. I remember now what we don't have, we don't have a trampoline. My husband never likes to move it around and string trim under it, which is why we never buy one. They have so much outdoor toys too and I can never keep up putting them away. I wish they are grown up already, we can start getting rid these toys and then I have less work to do around the house.

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