Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nice To Received

Most school in my area is already close for the summer. Graduations, birthdays and wedding are ahead of us for the summer. Our niece is graduating from high school and I need to send her some flowers. I can still remember how little she was the first time I met here. Now she is taller and bigger than me. She sent us an invitation for a graduation party a few days ago. I’m hoping that we can make it, and I’m hoping his Uncle (my husband) can come too. His schedule is a little out of ordinary lately.

I am very fond of flowers. And I always tell my husband that he doesn’t need to give me any flowers. However, a surprise flowers are always nice to have. I don’t like it when he is so predictable and I know he is not predictable. I really don’t mind getting Birthday Flowers on my birthday.

The flower arrangement above came from Wilmington Florists in Delaware. Not only it looks nice but it smells good too. I think my sister in law is getting Flower Delivery for her wedding this coming July. I will try to get one arrangement and take it home as a souvenir. My husband does not approved of her fiancĂ© but I guess he can’t stop her. He was such a show-off at the beginning and his true color came out after putting a ring on my sister in laws finger. We only wish that he treats her well.

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