Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nice to Look At

I went to high school wearing a Uniform. I like it because my parents cannot afford to buy me new clothes all the time. Being a girl and not having the latest style, you are the center of attention and made fun off. And this year my eldest son's school made it mandatory to wear Uniforms. I really don't mind it, but the way they imposed it is what I don't like. They picked the ugliest color possible because they don't want the kids to look like they belong in any gang. What, they don't want the school to offend anyone?

I hate socialization, and they had the nerve to ask students if they can donate their small size uniform to the needy in their school. Come on, if I wanted to donate them I would give it to those who really needs it. Not those who are born and still living in the project. Don't get me wrong, I would take anything if given to me for free, but I will not abuse the system. I will not work part time just to collect money from tax payers. Believe me, I saw a lot of them when I still live in the city.

Anyway, my husband also wears uniform. Actually, I can't really call it uniform because he is the only one that wears it. I think the appropriate term for it is Workwear. He wears shirt with his business logo, name, phone number and address printed on it. He likes to look professional even with the type of work he does. He takes his work very seriously and good at it too.

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