Monday, June 22, 2009

MM ~X Japan*Yoshiki* Without You (For Hide)

When I heard this song for the very time there were no lyrics. Then I started looking up the group and read that they may put lyrics to it. Now, I got into listening again and found that they finally played it with lyrics. This is one of music I listen to when I feel emotional and thinking about "what if".

I had this playing on my other blog the first time i heard about this song. Then Entrecard change their rules and someone told on me about having the music playing in my blog and they ban me. I had to remove it to keep entrecard in my blog. From then on whoever got music with entrecard that I land on, you are all reported by me. Don't do unto others, guess what it was done to me and I'm just returning the favor. Before this happens to me, I can care less what you have in blog it does not bother me. Bother me then we have a problem.

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