Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cash Back Rebates

Girls Are Made of Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice
Shopping these days give me headache, actually spending money stresses me out now a days. I wish I can just stay home and hibernate until this crisis is over with. Then my husband will label "being the part of the problem" for not doing anything to make our country better. It's not very easy to just go to work every day and collect your paycheck at the end of the week. We have to worry if we are going to make it, because the leader of this country is signing more bills that we can't even live off our land. Nice isn't it?

I have always done a comparison shopping when I really have to buy something. This is the only way that we can survive and not spend every dollar available on one thing. Sometimes online shopping deals are much better. Not only have they offer free shipping I can only save gas money for not driving around town to find sale products. In addition cash back rebates are also useful when buying certain items.

Saving is the game for someone like me. I also make sure that when buying something on sale I buy every size for my children clothing. If I wake one morning and the economy crash down I'm sure my children can have something to wear, even if I don't have any money. And that depends if the government does not break their way into my house and take what they want. (You think.)

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