Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Appreciation Award

girlsaremadeofsugarandspiceandeverythingnice I am giving this award to my wonderful other half for giving a helping hands to those who needed it. I admired your willingness to help people on their time of needs. A common sense that other people are lacking. He perform another good deed for someone yesterday. The person bought a riding lawn mower at home depot yesterday and had to wait for two hours for a rental truck. He was approached and asked if he can drive his purchase to his house in return he will pay him the same amount for the rental truck. I know my other half that he will never take any money from someone. Mind you he does not live close by where we are and he live far from us. Being the kind hearted that he is, he drove to his house and even thought this guy how to use the lawn mower. We are so different in so many ways, I would never say yes to drive his purchase to his house specially if his house is out of my way.

I would never stop on the side of the road to help someone who were stock on the snow because my kids are always with me and even if they are not with me I worry that my husband is waiting for me to get home and needed mere help that these people somewhere else. He is not like that, sometimes he prioritize other people than his own family and will apologize until the end for helping other people than his family. I just hope nothing life threatening happens to us while he is doing good deed. I don't know what I would do if that happens, I may not forgive him. Yes, I know it is selfish but when I have to choose between my own family and other people, my family comes first.

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