Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anyone Important?

The very first time I heard about Air France Flight 447 crashing, the question that came to my mind is "is there anyone important in that flight"? I think most people who are awake will come up with the same question. Just like the other planes that miraculously crashed everywhere. Especially the one little one that crashed somewhere at New York state. Did not even hear anything about it the news.

And the pilot of the plane that crashed at Hudson River got too much phrases on how the angel was in his side...blah, blah. So, where is he now? Another person added to the list to be killed by people who own this country. I know they don't physically do it, they have enough money to pay someone to kill every one in this world, you did not know that? Yes, he save all the people in that plane. Aren't they supposed to die and who ever important person in that flight.

Well, they did a good job killing who ever it was in Air France Flight 447. That is the way they shut the people of this country like myself. Killing them and making it look like an accident. They don't even care if there are 200 other people there that don't know anything. That is the way to make the population of this country smaller too. Including all the viruses they turn loose in every corner of the world.

Still, I'm hoping for Hell. Because if there is no such thing as Hell, these people will never pay the price for playing like GOD.

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