Monday, June 29, 2009

MM~Bon Jovi~It's My Life

This is one of my many favorite bands. I like the part here it says, "This is for the ones who stood their ground...Better stand tall when they're calling you out, Don't bend, don't break, baby, don't back down", it goes in the line of what DH is willing to do to defend our human rights. Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country (John F. Kennedy). What have you done today to save our constitutional rights? Fight for what is yours and to keep what is yours. He is HOT, not as hot as DH but he can sing...yeah. I love most of his song and they are such a babe magnet. It's me coming out of the closet. Please take a few minutes to listen to his song and I'm going back to my closet now. DH will not like me being

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Legal Terms and Plain English

Did you know that when you step foot inside a court house our plain English has different meaning? Be very careful when answering questions. If you don't know what they are asking you, just say "no". Never take coaching from your lawyer because they work for the court. Their job is to the court first and second is you.

Fighting for speeding ticket in court. If you don't recognize the police officer who gave a a ticket don't assume it was him who gave you the ticket. Just simply say, "no I don't recognize him". You can not say you knew him because you are not sure. If you are not sure, you are not telling the truth when you say, "yes you recognize him/her. Your lawyer may yell at you for it, but you are telling the truth and don't him ir her change your mind.

Have you heard about the phrase, "the truth will set you free". If you know how to play the game inside a court room, you are more likely to go free and no charges will go against you.

"May I have your name", have different meaning when inside the court room. If you give them your name after that, it means you are giving them the power of attorney to use your name. Very simple, they can speak on your behalf. Be very careful. Now a days, when I call a place and they ask that same question I tell them, "I am not a corporation however, if you want to know my name it is @#$%". They may not know why I said that but hey I am covering my behind here.

Educate yourself about the legal terms in court rooms. "The English language of the court room".

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You Are A Corporation

Everyone who got a birth certificate from the hospital and everyone who own a social security card is a corporation. They don't tell you about but you are. That is why they keep telling the American people that you don't have a right to this and that, because you are a corporation.

I envy those who does not bother to get the following. They are the free people of this country. And tell me this, why when we sign the birth certificate under where we sign, it says "informant", it should say "mother or parents"? Look it up, you may learn a few things.

Monday, June 22, 2009

MM ~X Japan*Yoshiki* Without You (For Hide)

When I heard this song for the very time there were no lyrics. Then I started looking up the group and read that they may put lyrics to it. Now, I got into listening again and found that they finally played it with lyrics. This is one of music I listen to when I feel emotional and thinking about "what if".

I had this playing on my other blog the first time i heard about this song. Then Entrecard change their rules and someone told on me about having the music playing in my blog and they ban me. I had to remove it to keep entrecard in my blog. From then on whoever got music with entrecard that I land on, you are all reported by me. Don't do unto others, guess what it was done to me and I'm just returning the favor. Before this happens to me, I can care less what you have in blog it does not bother me. Bother me then we have a problem.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Just to clarify

I am not patriot...however, I am patriotic. Please do not confuse the two. I am me, who is loyal/patriotic to my country not patriot which derive from the patriot act bill. I am not a follower of this so called act bill that is put upon us with such little time and distrust it's own people.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shop At One Place and Save

Shopping at one place online can save you money. Not only that you will only pay one shipping cost but knowing what you already bought. It happens to me once and that was lesson learned. Then again I could have made a list to know what I already bought from another company. When I buy gifts I like it to educational. My hubby always urge me to buy gifts that are fun and creative just like weather, electricity and motor experiments of some sorts. However, with educational and creative toys they always learn, my way is more direct approach and my husband's way is more fun.

We have variety of toys, I think (ha ha ha). My children bedrooms are full of it and even their personal computers. We are covered when it's sunny or rainy outside. I think we have more games than any family that I know of. We are not stingy when our kids asked for something as long as we can afford it. (May I suggest using ShopWiki when shopping online for toys? Just type in your search and you will find choices and more, unlike the other stores).

My husband even bought the kids a little ATV. We have to run behind them to control how fast they go and to make sure they don't tip-over. I remember now what we don't have, we don't have a trampoline. My husband never likes to move it around and string trim under it, which is why we never buy one. They have so much outdoor toys too and I can never keep up putting them away. I wish they are grown up already, we can start getting rid these toys and then I have less work to do around the house.

There Are Ways

I am talking about to become free to this country. It would be hard for people who don't have a property, and land to live on. You need to start with the birth certificate. Do not get or get your newborn birth certificate and social security card. For those who are using the government insurance will not have any choice but to get those two things. Never let them take a footprints of your newborn either.

The footprints is like a signature. The capitalize name printed on your birth certificate and social security card is your corporation under the government. You are the corporation and the government is making money off you.

If you are old like me the best thing to do is pay off all your credits. House, cars, property, any property you got with the same name you have in your social security card and birth certificate. If you are just closing with your house tell the lawyers you wanted to buy the land where the house is build. Make sure you don't use your corporation name. Our land where our houses are build is not our property. That is why the government can do anything with it. They can tell you that you are not allowed to garden it or have a cow, chicken etc. If you can own your own corporation you can do all of above.

We are in the process of claiming everything. From ourselves, our children, our house and lot and a lot more. This is not going to be easy, but we will sure try.

Keep checking my writings if you want new development with our venture.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Appreciation Award

girlsaremadeofsugarandspiceandeverythingnice I am giving this award to my wonderful other half for giving a helping hands to those who needed it. I admired your willingness to help people on their time of needs. A common sense that other people are lacking. He perform another good deed for someone yesterday. The person bought a riding lawn mower at home depot yesterday and had to wait for two hours for a rental truck. He was approached and asked if he can drive his purchase to his house in return he will pay him the same amount for the rental truck. I know my other half that he will never take any money from someone. Mind you he does not live close by where we are and he live far from us. Being the kind hearted that he is, he drove to his house and even thought this guy how to use the lawn mower. We are so different in so many ways, I would never say yes to drive his purchase to his house specially if his house is out of my way.

I would never stop on the side of the road to help someone who were stock on the snow because my kids are always with me and even if they are not with me I worry that my husband is waiting for me to get home and needed mere help that these people somewhere else. He is not like that, sometimes he prioritize other people than his own family and will apologize until the end for helping other people than his family. I just hope nothing life threatening happens to us while he is doing good deed. I don't know what I would do if that happens, I may not forgive him. Yes, I know it is selfish but when I have to choose between my own family and other people, my family comes first.

Monday, June 15, 2009

MM: Find Yourself: Brad Paisley

War is base on lies and deceptions. There are so much more going on here than just war. Connect the dots and see if for yourself. We are being control, our rights are taken away and it's time to act and get what we deserve. What is going on in our country is not right. Common sense people, if it's not written in our Constitution then it's not a law. Who can say what we can't and can do in our own property, only the owner my one else. Stand up for what is right.

BTW, I love this song.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cash Back Rebates

Girls Are Made of Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice
Shopping these days give me headache, actually spending money stresses me out now a days. I wish I can just stay home and hibernate until this crisis is over with. Then my husband will label "being the part of the problem" for not doing anything to make our country better. It's not very easy to just go to work every day and collect your paycheck at the end of the week. We have to worry if we are going to make it, because the leader of this country is signing more bills that we can't even live off our land. Nice isn't it?

I have always done a comparison shopping when I really have to buy something. This is the only way that we can survive and not spend every dollar available on one thing. Sometimes online shopping deals are much better. Not only have they offer free shipping I can only save gas money for not driving around town to find sale products. In addition cash back rebates are also useful when buying certain items.

Saving is the game for someone like me. I also make sure that when buying something on sale I buy every size for my children clothing. If I wake one morning and the economy crash down I'm sure my children can have something to wear, even if I don't have any money. And that depends if the government does not break their way into my house and take what they want. (You think.)

DH Stresses Out

He reads too much information about people who's rights are taking away from them. He is mad because they are getting away of it. The so called Constitution of our country is gone and no one pays attention to them anymore because congress kept on passing new laws that has nothing to do with the real law of our country.

WE should have a class in our schools (public or not) about Constitution. This should be a part of the curriculum that the teachers are teaching to young children. I will vote to have it added along with Math, Reading and writing. Screw the rest of the subject being thought in school including socialization. Nothing good comes out of socialization but get our children in trouble. Learning words that my parents never used to us when we are growing up. Screw that.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nice to Look At

I went to high school wearing a Uniform. I like it because my parents cannot afford to buy me new clothes all the time. Being a girl and not having the latest style, you are the center of attention and made fun off. And this year my eldest son's school made it mandatory to wear Uniforms. I really don't mind it, but the way they imposed it is what I don't like. They picked the ugliest color possible because they don't want the kids to look like they belong in any gang. What, they don't want the school to offend anyone?

I hate socialization, and they had the nerve to ask students if they can donate their small size uniform to the needy in their school. Come on, if I wanted to donate them I would give it to those who really needs it. Not those who are born and still living in the project. Don't get me wrong, I would take anything if given to me for free, but I will not abuse the system. I will not work part time just to collect money from tax payers. Believe me, I saw a lot of them when I still live in the city.

Anyway, my husband also wears uniform. Actually, I can't really call it uniform because he is the only one that wears it. I think the appropriate term for it is Workwear. He wears shirt with his business logo, name, phone number and address printed on it. He likes to look professional even with the type of work he does. He takes his work very seriously and good at it too.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trying to Learn?

So, the president has been touring Europe, eh. The last time I heard he is going to visit the concentration camp in Germany, where the holocaust happened. What is he doing paying his respect? I doubt it.

I will tell you what I think. I think he is getting some pointer on how to do it. Did you here about the bill that he is trying to pass about gardening in your own backyard? I own my property and I can do what ever I want in it. No president or congress passed law can stop me. I only follow the constitution which is the real law of this country.

I can't believe people who talking about healthy eating, home school, and growing your own food. Form the list I wrote most of the people who support these support the president. Can I ask why? There are other politician out there who fights to have these things. Why not support them?

It always make my stomach turn when I see cars park at my local dairy farm with the president sticker on their car. They are not allowed to buy raw milk, home school and grow anything in their own property, own gun because they are not fighting for it to be legal in my opinion. Plain and simple. They gave up their right when they voted for non-constitutionalists. Connect the dot and open your eyes about the truth. He is not a part of the solution, he is a puppet and what ever the owner of this country tell him, that is what he is going to do.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nice To Received

Most school in my area is already close for the summer. Graduations, birthdays and wedding are ahead of us for the summer. Our niece is graduating from high school and I need to send her some flowers. I can still remember how little she was the first time I met here. Now she is taller and bigger than me. She sent us an invitation for a graduation party a few days ago. I’m hoping that we can make it, and I’m hoping his Uncle (my husband) can come too. His schedule is a little out of ordinary lately.

I am very fond of flowers. And I always tell my husband that he doesn’t need to give me any flowers. However, a surprise flowers are always nice to have. I don’t like it when he is so predictable and I know he is not predictable. I really don’t mind getting Birthday Flowers on my birthday.

The flower arrangement above came from Wilmington Florists in Delaware. Not only it looks nice but it smells good too. I think my sister in law is getting Flower Delivery for her wedding this coming July. I will try to get one arrangement and take it home as a souvenir. My husband does not approved of her fiancĂ© but I guess he can’t stop her. He was such a show-off at the beginning and his true color came out after putting a ring on my sister in laws finger. We only wish that he treats her well.

Monday, June 8, 2009

MM: Wes Hardin ~The Truth~

Wake up America! Please remember that "THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES ARE THE RIGHTFUL MASTERS OF BOTH CONGRESS AND COURTS, NOT TO OVERTHROW CONSTITUTION, BUT TO OVERTHROW THE MEN WHO WOULD PERVERT THE CONSTITUTION!" Save your constitutional rights, and protect the "Constitution" the only law of this country.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anyone Important?

The very first time I heard about Air France Flight 447 crashing, the question that came to my mind is "is there anyone important in that flight"? I think most people who are awake will come up with the same question. Just like the other planes that miraculously crashed everywhere. Especially the one little one that crashed somewhere at New York state. Did not even hear anything about it the news.

And the pilot of the plane that crashed at Hudson River got too much phrases on how the angel was in his side...blah, blah. So, where is he now? Another person added to the list to be killed by people who own this country. I know they don't physically do it, they have enough money to pay someone to kill every one in this world, you did not know that? Yes, he save all the people in that plane. Aren't they supposed to die and who ever important person in that flight.

Well, they did a good job killing who ever it was in Air France Flight 447. That is the way they shut the people of this country like myself. Killing them and making it look like an accident. They don't even care if there are 200 other people there that don't know anything. That is the way to make the population of this country smaller too. Including all the viruses they turn loose in every corner of the world.

Still, I'm hoping for Hell. Because if there is no such thing as Hell, these people will never pay the price for playing like GOD.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Census 2009

Have you seen the census for 2009? Why do they need to know every thing about your life? I thought the point of census is to count people. Not about what road to do take to work, what time do your live your house to go to work, what is your race (and why there is only white, other race like Asian is clearly mark e.g. Chinese, Filipino etc.),

I think the only thing missing here is how may times you have sex in a day, how many times do you to the bathroom, how many times do eat in a day and so on. Ridiculous!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

May EC Top Droppers

Again thank you for my top EC droppers for the month of May. A linky love for each and every one of you.
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I also wanted to thank my advertiser for the same month. And of course I can't forget those who approved my ad on their blogs. Thank you so much.

BTW, did anyone of you got an email from entrecard yesterday? Did you also get the 2 credits for each drop you made yesterday? I did, how about you?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Music Monday ~3 Doors Down~ It's Not My Time

To all fellow Constitutionalists this song is for all of us trying save our constitutional rights in this country. Keep the fight against those who are trying to overthrow our Constitution. Happy 1st of June.

Lyrics | It's Not My Time lyrics

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