Monday, May 11, 2009

Why Is It?

I had a small accident when I was younger and it made my car insurance go higher. One company actually dropped me because someone hit me and the information they given was wrong. Then there was this older lady who crossed the parking lot and swiped my car from the side. My insurance went up because they decided to make a short cut on parking spaces. Isn't America great, they finalize me because I happened to be at the other side and got hit. Mind you, I was the one who was following the law.

So, I shopped around to find a better deal. They raised my monthly payment to $500.00 and I found a cheaper one that insured our two vehicles for $400.00 for 3 months. Furthermore, why does car insurance rise after you been with the same company longer than 5 years? No traffic violation and no accidents, in my opinion they should give you a credit or even a free month or a year for being such a good driver.

Lucky enough we live in a state that recognize the traditional tort liability system. I can't really say if this system is good or bad. I think it depends on your situation or how big of a liar the person who cause the damage. And why do we need car insurance? What happens to the common sense that when you damage someone else property it's your responsibility to pay for it. They are so many scams in this world. Being honest is just the thing in the past in this world, sad but very true.

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