Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning And Fixing

How nice to finally have the warm weather. It is time to do spring clean-up and fixing things that had broken on winter months. Our garage floor always gets flooded because it is the lowest part of the house. We have to clean the flooring & waterproofing it again. We are also checking the roof to make sure everything is in place up there. However, we are having so much rain and fixing things around the house takes longer than usual.

We need to spray weed killer on our walk path. Weeds grow on it none stop, and we need the sun to kill it. With all these rain, the weeds just keep on growing, because every time we spray it would rain in the evening and wash all the weed killer away.

We also painted our basement to move our master bedroom down there. Now we are planning on painting the upstairs with different color fire retardant paint. When we moved here, we painted the whole wall cream. Our kid's paintings are all over the wall, and we want change. We want a color that is cheery, happy and uplifting. That would be next in our list...(maybe yellow, peach or turquoise paint).

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