Friday, May 1, 2009

A Slight Smell is Always Good

No, not a bad smell, he he he...but a sweet odour that is pleasant. I like it when I can only smell perfume/cologne when very close to someone. As a matter of fact so close that only the two of us can smell it. I don't like it when someone passed by that you can still smell it even when they are way gone. What they do, bathe with that perfume before leaving their house? I think if you can smell it, it's too much.

My husband used to have Giorgio Armani aftershave when I met him. He hardly use it, even when we met he did not wear it. He only wears it in a wedding. However, after having kids did not help keeping it for a long time. Kids are very curious and gets into everything. Next thing we know, some stench smell coming from the bathroom. Yes you guess it; one of them opened it and accidentally spilled it all over the bathroom. I had to clean to make an un-scheduled cleaning after that, because too much of something is not good.

In another story maybe I can my sister in-law a perfume gift sets for her wedding this coming summer. This is her second wedding and hubby and I wish she is really happy with this guy, because after they got engage this guy change in a 180 degree turn. However, she keeps saying she never notice the difference. Maybe she is telling the truth or she is fine with everything.

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