Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Silberman's Army and Navy

Silberman's is one of the stores where my husband's get some of his outfit to use on his job. Wolverine Boots and Shoes with steel-toes and waterproof landscapers must have, it takes good care of his feet while at work on any kind of weather. He uses water proof boot and shoes when it's raining. Furthermore, being outside on the winter months for more than 8 hours a day kept his feet warm and dry.

He got a Carhartt jacket and covers all when he is flowing on the winter months. He can use two pairs when he flows for almost 48 hours. He usually come home to eat and change because his suit gets wet and most of the time he do not have time to wait for the dryer to dry it. Have you seen the highway workers on winter? Yes, my husband wears the same cover all.

When warmers months come, he never wears short pants to work. He believes being the business owner he wants to look somewhat professional. He always wears long Khaki Levi's pants. You never know when you will meet a new costumer, "he says" and he wanted to look presentable. Moreover, you will find all of these quality outfits for outdoors working man at

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