Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Michael Badnarik Live Today @ 3pm

I just wanted to pass this to my follow patriotic out there. If you have time today, we only have 10 minutes to spare at the east coast. 3 PM today he will go on live to talk to us the "Right To Bear Arms", all webinars are live so everyone can participate. SAVE THE 2ND AMENDMENT WITH US.

I want to quickly remind you of our conference call
today on at 3pm EST, with Michael Badnarik!

These are serious times with the federal government
attempting to strip us of our 2nd Amendment right to
"Keep and Bear Arms".

This is information you need to know and share with

You can listen online at: http://www.republicmagazine.com/webinar

or call in Live at:
Phone-Number to Dial: 949-333-4806
Use Conference ID: 733552#

Also don't forget to mark your calendar this week for:

Larry Pratt - Wed, May 6th - 3pm-4pm EST
Edwin Vieira - Thurs, May 7th - 3pm-4pm EST
April Renee - Fri, May 8th - 3pm-4pm EST

All Webinars happen LIVE and you can participate!

I hope to see you there!

Yours in Freedom,


P.S. Earle and George are giving a special presentation
today for people that have or want to start a business.
Their presentation is starting in about 15 minutes at
1pm Eastern and will last for about 1 hour.

You can listen and ask questions here:

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