Sunday, May 24, 2009

Federal Aid

My campaign is about the preservation of our constitution. However, if the government is giving away free money I will not say no. If I am qualify for it I will take it. I know there are other who play the system but that is not me. I also know that there are others out there that are more than qualify who don't take anything.

If you wanted to back to school there are federal aid for it. You just need to look at the correct directions. There is also a chance that you don't even have to pay for it. If your income is below the limit you can get a lot of free money.

Have you gotten the home improvement loan ad on the mail. You may want to check that out to have a more energy-efficient home. However, be careful with the loan part. I will never take a loan from the government. Make sure you read every fine print before signing. Who knows, you may get the improvement for free. Make sure you educate yourself about this. I am thinking about taking some political science, law, or farming classes online. I have to weight the odd on which is the best one to pursue. I'm pretty sure I would not pay a cent for student aid.

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