Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Outbreak In July

I read so many posting about having another outbreak of flu type virus coming in July. This are from the Constitution site that I know about. And there is rumors about a tsunami that will happen on July in some Asian countries. Snopes found it not true but what is behind all of this.

I heard that since the swine flu did not kill a lot of people, they will release another type in July. And they will unleash it first in Pennsylvania from what I heard. I found out that there are a numbers of gun owners in Pennsylvania than any other states and they are trying to get rid & weaken them. They also think that Pennsylvania have numbers of organize militia against the government too. They are scared of Pennsylvanian than other states in my opinion. Good, because if the citizens of Pennsylvania wins, everyone who does not abide the Constitution should be imprison for treason.

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