Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something To Ponder

I received this email from one of the meet-up I belong at and would like to share to my reading public. You may not agree however, it is happening around us. You may as well dig a hole in hide your head there as long as you want if you don't want to wake and see the truth around you.

Based on my last few years of watching Chavez and his presidency, he appears to be no different than any other "dictator" type. The only difference between him and our US "leaders is that Washington still has the ghost of the Constitution and those who honor it, to deal with. Chavez does not.

After listening to his speeches, it appears that he is bashing the leadership, the commercialized greed, and the lack of ability of Congress to honor the Constitution. He mocks our leadership... not the people. Some of Hugo's rants are quite true and accurate. American Media has demonized him isolating emotional free speech and taking statements out of context like they so frequently do, to support their agenda and opinion. (LOOK AT WHAT NBC HAS BEEN DOING CONCERNING THE TEA PARTIES) The Propaganda is strong and effective. Don't forget Mr. Chavez was giving FREE heating oil away to Americans who could not afford fuel oil the last two winters (Ask Joe Kennedy). US Oil Giants did not like that (Bush and Co.) After all, their agenda requires that Americans suffer financially in order to come to our "rescue" and be self proclaimed "heroes" in saving us. No one truly knows the real story in Venezuela unless you lived in Mr. Chavez's house. But after all we know about the media and how they are bias and un-American, to hear them call Chavez un-American is like the pot calling the kettle black. I think they are both un-American. Speaking of un-American...President Obama recently insulted us citizens when he apologized to the G20 for the American Peoples' arrogance. That is either the action of a very stupid and self absorbed man, a God complex, or the act of a paranoid, petrified puppet of the elite.

As much as Americans are the consummate "positive thinkers" I really see this BO guy sinking the ship despite what his cronies, supporters and puppeteers claim in the media. Without common sense and a love for freedom in his cabinet I see no help coming from him. It is all up to the good people of America to defend the true law and our nation.

Anyway, I have spent the last few weeks in TX, traveling along the border, into New Mexico and Arizona. I wanted to see what all the media hype was about concerning the "war on drugs", the need for DHS to protect us from the illegals and the Mexican Cartels. (the violence is between criminals) Well........., I have news for you all. The media news and the press conferences say one thing but the Law Enforcement actions clearly show that they are doing everything they can to allow the free immigration of non US citizens, criminals and drugs into our country. And stop Americans from making any money in relation. I have witnessed and seen with my own eyes... The beefed up security at the borders appears to have been
instituted in order to prevent, restrict and retard the free movement of US citizens.

I have concluded with evidence, that the Fed Gov, the DOD, The DHS and INS are the biggest importers, employers and protectors of illegals and foreign nationalists.
Every day the fake ID holders, illegals and "student" visa holders all line up at the gates of government entities and DOD bases. They wait for hours just to pick up a shovel. They get hired for the day, no questions asked. I was told by a source when and where it was most obviously happening and I decided I could not resist the opportunity to experience this "serious" claim myself. So I decided to don my most convincing desert rat attire and join them waiting in line to see if I would be hired in these hard economic times.

Well, after arriving at the gate trailer 4:50 Am (they opened for "business" at 5AM) I was surprised to see about 50+ people already in line. After waiting close to an hour, and not hearing one word of English I began to wonder why there were not any Americans in line. I watched as
those in front of me stepped up to the ladies at the desks and present various forms of NON American ID. (Some had a plain white paper with some typing on it). I imagined myself walking up to the DMV or Post Office in my home State and when they asked for ID I handed them a note from my mother written on a napkin, that is what appeared to be happening in front of me. My turn, I handed the dark skinned lady my DL and she looked at me an said, ?Hable Engles? , I replied Si. She said, I can't help you sir, your an out of State resident. Then she looked past me and yelled "Siguiente en línea" (Next in line).

I began to apply sarcasm with a tad of disgust and she warned me to leave or be escorted off the property. I chose the escort.

I have always been one to pursue the reality in life, but my experience on this trip has taken a turn toward sadness. From the high of the Alamo Tea Party on April 15th to the low being criminalized for being an American citizen in my own country. Despite all that I learned, all I have seen and witnessed in my past, this experience was one of the most sour. Where can we as Americans flee to, in order to be treated like citizens where we are not? We are being imprisoned in our own country by the invisible chains of greed, ignorance, conspiracy, unjust law, prejudice, and evil. (At least White American Males are already prisoners... what group is next?) Our foreign Policy is ensuring that Americans are not welcomed in more and more
countries without the chance of attack and abuse when visiting. Just try to sneak-in and live there. Forget-it!

I spent the last few days in Alamogordo, NM The White Mountain Wilderness licking wounds. A truly beautiful place to do it I must say. Like any wounded animal, I sought the healing comfort of a remote bush in the isolated back country. It was so silent that my ears were ringing. Among the sage brush, yucca and rock I healed and have become stronger. It was a great place to fast and cleanse the body, mind and spirit. You were all in my thoughts.

Get your camping gear ready my fellow rednecks. Lets set that date to experience real freedom once again! It will be great medicine for all that ails.

Siguiente en linea, She said???????? Well, I say..........

Me temo que nadie, y estoy dispuesto a enfrentar todos los desafíos! Viva la LIBERTAD. ¡Viva AMERICA

Buenos noches...Hasta que nos volvamos a.

TRANSLATION for you citizens:
I fear no man, and I am ready to face all challenges! Long live Freedom, Long live America
Good night....Until we meet again

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