Friday, April 17, 2009

For Clarity

There are a lot of talks from the media that there are also protesters pro president with the Tea Party. First the Tea Party is not protesting against the president, we are there to protest against anyone who are doing illegal. And most politicians are doing illegal things (against the constitution). Second, the numbers they are saying about the Tea Party are less and the number for pro president are more. When they saw there are 5 of pros, they count them as a dozen. And when they saw the number for pro constitution, they count only less than half of them. In our county they counted 150 people and with our final count was 450.

Way to go media, I can tell that you are still own by the corporation of politician. You also said that there are 10 counties protested in my state however, from the Tea Party site says most counties are accounted for. You only reported the ones you wanted and never bother with the others. Such bias way.

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