Sunday, April 26, 2009

Campaign For Liberty

I wanted to share another campaign for everyone. Please help us take our country back from the traitors and sign our petition below. I know this is a little late however, its better late than never.

Dear Patriots,

Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill, HR 1207, suddenly has 92 cosponsors and Campaign for Liberty wants a full-court press to bring in the rest. On Tuesday, April 28, the petitions that were signed electronically on the C4L website will be delivered to our representatives by volunteers in Washington.

That same day, the Campaign is asking us to deliver as many signed petitions as possible to the district offices of the representatives who have not yet cosponsored the bill. Only one Congressman from Pennsylvania is currently listed as a cosponsor. We need to introduce ourselves to the rest and respectfully persuade them to become a cosponsor of HR 1207.

Here's what we need to do:

* Download and print out the new petitions from Campaign for Liberty's website.

* Collect as many signatures as possible today through Monday. Take petitions to the parking lots of large stores in the district, to local gatherings, to popular parks, door-to-door, or wherever you can gather signatures. If you are attending events like the End the Fed Rally on April 25, take a bunch of petitions along.

* On Tuesday, head to your congressman’s office alone or with a group to personally deliver your signed petitions. The state page on Campaign for Liberty's website has a listing of the local office addresses. Have a friend video record the delivery if possible. Introduce yourself at your congressman’s office and ask if they will sign on as a cosponsor of HR 1207. Even a small handful of petitions, personally delivered, will have a HUGE impact. Let them know you will be gathering signatures and returning with more petitions in the coming weeks.

* If possible, upload your video to YouTube and post an entry on your Campaign for Liberty blog!

For those of you lucky enough to live in a district with a cosponsor, take a fruit basket or cookies or flowers to their local offices on Tuesday and THANK THEM for their cosponsorship of HR 1207! Meanwhile, help a district without a cosponsor to collect signatures!

So far, Rep Thompson, Glenn [PA-5] is listed as a cosponsor in Pa.

Tuesday won't be the last day we do this. We will continue to collect and deliver signatures until they cosponsor HR 1207. Then they should get the fruit basket!

Special attention should be given to districts whose representatives are members of the House Financial Services Committee. We happen to have two in this category, Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski, (D), 11th district, and Rep. Jim Gerlach, (R), 6th district. We should make an extra effort in their districts!

This is a small step toward reclaiming our liberties, and HR 1207 is a reasonable and rational proposal which most citizens can support. After all, our businesses, banks, non-profit organizations (and even each of US) go through regular auditing procedures to make sure everything is in order. Why shouldn’t the Federal Reserve, with its vast powers and influence, have to do the same? We MUST let our representatives know that this is important to us, and we MUST do it in a way that will make the maximum impact. We MUST let them know that we intend to hold them accountable—and that we appreciate it when they do the right thing.

There are 19 congressional districts in this state. Surely we can visit them all.

Check the announcement section of your Campaign for Liberty online dashboard for further information. We’ll post more information there if possible as we go along.

Thanks in advance for your support.

For Liberty,

David Jahn
Interim State Coordinator

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