Saturday, March 28, 2009

What Will You Do? (part 2)

Are the military deployed in your area? I saw about two blogs post with picture saying that the military are in their neck of the woods. What is the purpose of deploying military in our own backyard? Yes, martial law. Is it fine with you seeing this people around?

I don't, they don't have any business patrolling in my area unless they are put out here to get my food to re-distribute them (food) when the time comes. Don't be surprise if I stop updating this blog. It means they got me alive and put into this concentration camps that are supposed to be non-existence. Or I'm dead because I protected what is belong to me.

If only everyone abide the constitution, this country will be in the better shape. And the constitution will be protecting the people not the government.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Will You Do?

The guns owners of America is losing battle to own guns. ATF knocking on theirs doors and telling them to give out the guns they own. What happens to our rights to own guns? I think it is the same reason why they wanted to remove old books from circulations.

What will you do if they come knocking at your door to hand out your rights to own? Over my dead body. They have taken so much from us already without knowing. Knocking at my door and taking what I bought from my hard earn money is un-constitutional. ATF is un-constitutional, they don't have the right to do so. Another organization owns by our politicians doing their dirty job for them.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Banning Books

Since the beginning of time until 1986, What!!!

I read it this morning from Crabby Blogging Lady. To protect who? I don't think so. Lead containing book my ass. I can protect myself, thank you very much, I don't need their help. They are trying to protect themselves in my opinion. I can say that they are the best book there is. No alteration and I like it that way.

They will pull it out of the libraries because what they are doing these days conflict with laws? I really hope that there is hell, because if there is none these people are getting away with everything.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Peoples Rights Going Going.....gone?

"Lost it to the highest bidder"

Another email that I would like to share to the general public on where we stand as a citizen of this country. Every rights we have are taken away from us, unless of course you don't believe with our constitution then you are not an American. All the Americans who own guns, homeschool and such, is now a treat to this country. It is stated in our constitution that American people can do all these things. I think they are a treat to those who are in control of our government and they are scared and trying to put these kind of people behind bars. Wow, and so many have no idea what is going in this country. Control that is what they want. Do not give up your rights as a citizen of this country!

Without further a do please read this and follow the links.

Both Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty champion principles of freedom, peace, and prosperity. We believe that the Founder's vision for America can be reclaimed through education and peaceful activism. It is a common practice of elitist intellectuals and backroom bureaucrats to attempt to crowd everyone into groups and stick labels on them, especially when it involves those who support a Constitutionally-limited government.

Anthony Gregory, editor-in-chief at Campaign for Liberty, has posted an excellent new article on our site concerning government broad-brush fear campaigns.

It is important that we respond in the right way when faced with such a government labeling, and the proper way is to go straight to the top in Missouri.

The way to fight thugs and ignorant people in authority is not to cower or rage, but to proudly proclaim who you are and what you believe.

That's why I urge you to sign our Citizen's Petition here today.

Our petition spells out in no uncertain terms who we are and what we believe. And it reminds those in charge of enforcing Missouri's laws that we are citizen activists who will not be intimidated nor embarrassed into silence.

Simply owning a gun does not make you a threat. It means you are a free citizen.

Supporting our Constitution does not make you worthy of a watchlist, it makes you a Patriot.

So please, sign our Citizen's Petition today. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on how we plan to respond to the MIAC.

Finally, I want to ask you a final favor. If you can, please join us next week as we gather in St. Louis for the first Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference and show the people of Missouri what Campaign for Liberty truly stands for and represents.

We will be hosting a free event on Friday Night with Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano that is open to the public, and the conference will be highlighted by grassroots training on Saturday, March 28.

Learning how to properly mobilize in order to implement liberty-based legislation is absolutely critical to our success as a movement, and our Regional Conference will provide you with the tools you need as we move forward.

For more information on our Conference, check out our Regional Conference page. For special travel and hotel information, click here.

Liberty is never free, and demands vigilance.

I look forward to seeing you in St. Louis for an exciting weekend of celebration and training!

In Liberty,

John Tate
President, Campaign for Liberty

P.S. And don't forget to fill out our Citizen's Petition, which we will deliver to the Missouri Governor and Attorney General.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stressing About the Economy

Have you seen the stock market keeps going down? We are way deep in the hole now. I think the only way out now is to bankrupt this country, get rid of these politicians, law maker and businesses who do not abide the constitution. Spending your hard earns money to save the economy like other people would think is not very practical. We should start from the root of the problem and work our way out. I have four children to take off and worry about how their future will turn out to be. Thinking about their future is causing me a missed of good night sleep. And the good part about it is, I don’t have to worry about taking clinicallix to help me loss weight. The stress and lack of sleep are more than enough to cause weight loss in my part. However, my way has a side affect just like clinicallix if not use properly with exercise and good diet.

Audit The Fed

Please help Ron Paul by signing this petition along with me. Patriotic and alike this is our chance to make the difference and make our founding fathers proud. Protect the future of our children. End it now!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lend Me Your Ears for a Few

To listen to what is going on to what is our founding fathers died for. I know sooo many does not care and I'm only trying to spread the truth.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

February Top EC Droppers

Please check it out in my left side bar. Finally, I got them up in this blog. I am so busy at home and I can't hardly find time to collect images and writing codes. Better late than never.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What If...RonPaul

What if...I guess we will find out very soon, don't we. The new world order I guess is in order, because the president already visited Mexico and Canada within the first week of his presidency.