Friday, February 13, 2009

Web Directories

Blogging sounds very easy for some however; getting people to read what you wrote is very hard. I was looking for ways how to make my card dropping better a few nights ago, and I came across some interesting suggestions. Until now, I haven't really finish reading and applying what I have read so far to my blogs. I also read a lot about search engine optimization on how it can help you get traffic to your blogs. I wish that I have all the time in the world to read all of this to get better optimization. I’m not really selling anything but traffic is always welcome to my blogs. Furthermore, optimizing my websites will help it ranks well on search engine results pages. I can’t seem to find time to read and understand such marketing tools these days. I should probably visit some more free directories to find out more about these tools. Do you agree?

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lunaticg said...

try to participate in some directory. It will help to boost your rank and don't forget to try to give as much comment to others.
A long process but worth it.
See you around.