Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Own Handyman

Our house was 15 years old when we bought it. It was very affordable and we had enough money for a down payment and it is located in the school district that we like. We did not see anything major wrong with it and bought it. We only started noticing what was wrong when we tried adding or fixing things. Just like the Worcester Valves before the water filter. Furthermore, why they put the water pipes so close to the center block in the basement, or why there is no Worcester Control Valves before the water pressure tank.

My husband wanted to add another water filtration system before the water pressure tank to make sure there is no dirt get stuck there however, there is none. He is not a very good handyman and only know the basics. He still have the commercial sink he bought, when we move here to replace the one in the bathroom downstairs and still not hooked-up. He can't seem to find the correct Worcester Valve Parts for it. Did I mention commercial sink? That is the reason why he can't find the parts for it. He can only find parts for a household sink.

He likes to fix things when he is home for the winter. Although, he gets discourage very easy when he can't find the correct parts, tools or simply don't know how to fix it. Regardless of the outcome, I still call him my own handyman.


Improvedliving said...

Lol i like the spicy title of your blog. Explains lot of things.

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Nedekcir said...

lol, what would that be? Thanks for stopping by.