Friday, February 27, 2009

Educational Opportunity of a Lifetime

Another opportunity that I wanted everyone to know. This Saturday, Feb 28, Columbia, SC 1pm-4pm. If you wanted to know more what is the hoblah is about you may as well come and listen for yourself.

If you don't know who Bob Schulz is, you're missing out! Amanda Moore is the SC We The People Coordinator, and has facilitated this wonderful event. If you can come, it'll be a great time to put faces to the names we see floating around in emails. Meeting your fellow Patriots is an empowering experience; combine that with Bob Schulz's scholarly presentation, and you have a synergistic effect.

DO ATTEND! Invite your friends.

We The People Foundation
Constitutional Education, Inc.
2458 Ridge Road, Queensbury, NY 12804 * (518) 656-3578 Fax: (518) 656-9724

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Amanda Moore
PH: 843-345-5632 FAX 843-225-6961

"America will suffer tremendously until we turn back to our Constitution"

"The time has come to give our country back to the people of America by restoring our Constitution," Bob Schulz

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, February 25, 2009 -- Robert Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education,will hold a public meeting in Columbia at the Sleep Inn, 1901 Rockland Road, on Saturday, February 28 from 1-4pm, as part of a massive national tour to set up state organizations to support a Continental Congress slated for 2009. Admission is free and all are welcome. Sleep Inn is located at I-20, Exit 63.

Schulz is currently organizing "Continental Congress 2009" as a national assembly to develop an action plan to restore Constitutional Order and hold the federal government accountable to the principles established by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. The goals of the national tour are to educate the public about the Continental Congress event, establish state organizations to elect delegates, and inform the public of a variety of Constitutional concerns that he maintains are "growing rapidly." See Page two for issues that are to be addressed. Your prompt response and dissemination of this release is greatly appreciated and expected.


Recent initiatives by We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education have focused on documenting the federal government's abuse of its (limited) constitutional powers and seeking to hold them accountable for violations of those limited authorities. The organization seeks a return to compliance with the Constitution and Bill of Rights which includes popular sovereignty, constitutionally limited government, enumerated and separate powers, individual and unalienable Rights, self-reliance and personal responsibility, and respect for life and personal property.

Current Issues which are in Direct Violation of our Freedom Documents

Loss of National Sovereignty

Invasion of Iraq without a Declaration of War

Existence of the privately owned Federal Reserve System

Unconstitutional use of a fiat, debt-based paper currency

Unconstitutional bailout of private financial institutions (TARP, AIG, etc.)

USA Patriot Act which violates the Bill of Rights

Direct, un-apportioned (income) taxes on the labor of American workers

Failure to enforce the nation's existing Immigration Laws

Collusion to create an unconstitutional "North American Union"

Infringement on the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Legally and morally unjustifiable Foreign Policy

Secret computerized voting depriving the Right to Count the Votes

National ID Cards/RFID restricting travel and infringing privacy

Unconstitutional Executive orders/powers (Separation of powers)

The unconstitutional "Welfare State"

Denial of Right to Jury Nullification

Unconstitutional seizures of private property for private use

Refusal to require evidence of "natural born" citizenship status, per Art. II

We The People Foundation

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