Friday, February 27, 2009

Educational Opportunity of a Lifetime

Another opportunity that I wanted everyone to know. This Saturday, Feb 28, Columbia, SC 1pm-4pm. If you wanted to know more what is the hoblah is about you may as well come and listen for yourself.

If you don't know who Bob Schulz is, you're missing out! Amanda Moore is the SC We The People Coordinator, and has facilitated this wonderful event. If you can come, it'll be a great time to put faces to the names we see floating around in emails. Meeting your fellow Patriots is an empowering experience; combine that with Bob Schulz's scholarly presentation, and you have a synergistic effect.

DO ATTEND! Invite your friends.

We The People Foundation
Constitutional Education, Inc.
2458 Ridge Road, Queensbury, NY 12804 * (518) 656-3578 Fax: (518) 656-9724

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Amanda Moore
PH: 843-345-5632 FAX 843-225-6961

"America will suffer tremendously until we turn back to our Constitution"

"The time has come to give our country back to the people of America by restoring our Constitution," Bob Schulz

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, February 25, 2009 -- Robert Schulz, Chairman of We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education,will hold a public meeting in Columbia at the Sleep Inn, 1901 Rockland Road, on Saturday, February 28 from 1-4pm, as part of a massive national tour to set up state organizations to support a Continental Congress slated for 2009. Admission is free and all are welcome. Sleep Inn is located at I-20, Exit 63.

Schulz is currently organizing "Continental Congress 2009" as a national assembly to develop an action plan to restore Constitutional Order and hold the federal government accountable to the principles established by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. The goals of the national tour are to educate the public about the Continental Congress event, establish state organizations to elect delegates, and inform the public of a variety of Constitutional concerns that he maintains are "growing rapidly." See Page two for issues that are to be addressed. Your prompt response and dissemination of this release is greatly appreciated and expected.


Recent initiatives by We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education have focused on documenting the federal government's abuse of its (limited) constitutional powers and seeking to hold them accountable for violations of those limited authorities. The organization seeks a return to compliance with the Constitution and Bill of Rights which includes popular sovereignty, constitutionally limited government, enumerated and separate powers, individual and unalienable Rights, self-reliance and personal responsibility, and respect for life and personal property.

Current Issues which are in Direct Violation of our Freedom Documents

Loss of National Sovereignty

Invasion of Iraq without a Declaration of War

Existence of the privately owned Federal Reserve System

Unconstitutional use of a fiat, debt-based paper currency

Unconstitutional bailout of private financial institutions (TARP, AIG, etc.)

USA Patriot Act which violates the Bill of Rights

Direct, un-apportioned (income) taxes on the labor of American workers

Failure to enforce the nation's existing Immigration Laws

Collusion to create an unconstitutional "North American Union"

Infringement on the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Legally and morally unjustifiable Foreign Policy

Secret computerized voting depriving the Right to Count the Votes

National ID Cards/RFID restricting travel and infringing privacy

Unconstitutional Executive orders/powers (Separation of powers)

The unconstitutional "Welfare State"

Denial of Right to Jury Nullification

Unconstitutional seizures of private property for private use

Refusal to require evidence of "natural born" citizenship status, per Art. II

We The People Foundation

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Own Handyman

Our house was 15 years old when we bought it. It was very affordable and we had enough money for a down payment and it is located in the school district that we like. We did not see anything major wrong with it and bought it. We only started noticing what was wrong when we tried adding or fixing things. Just like the Worcester Valves before the water filter. Furthermore, why they put the water pipes so close to the center block in the basement, or why there is no Worcester Control Valves before the water pressure tank.

My husband wanted to add another water filtration system before the water pressure tank to make sure there is no dirt get stuck there however, there is none. He is not a very good handyman and only know the basics. He still have the commercial sink he bought, when we move here to replace the one in the bathroom downstairs and still not hooked-up. He can't seem to find the correct Worcester Valve Parts for it. Did I mention commercial sink? That is the reason why he can't find the parts for it. He can only find parts for a household sink.

He likes to fix things when he is home for the winter. Although, he gets discourage very easy when he can't find the correct parts, tools or simply don't know how to fix it. Regardless of the outcome, I still call him my own handyman.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Message To Everyone

No need look further, by now you probably know that I am a member of Restore The Republic. I got this today in the mail and I would like to share this to everyone. Stop telling me that I am making something of nothing, our government leaders are most rogue of them all. Call it what you will, but it will never change the fact that they are becoming dictators.

So, in another much is your government giving you this time. Let me know, and I will let you know how high your taxes will go up for the amount you are about to receive or received. I bet you, that you will pay a lot more in taxes in a year.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sponsor A Patriot Program

I'm passing along this message from the Restore The Republic website. If you are a Ron Paul supporters please sponsor a copy of Republic Magazine. Every help is appreciated to have our old Republic back and to educate the people of this country. I am doing this in support of our constitution. This is not a paid post, I am doing this as a free will. Please spare a few minutes of your time. Thank you in advance.

Restore The Republic received requests from activists who cannot afford magazines for various actions, they initiated that utilize Republic Magazine as the central tool. They are proud to let you know that they created a solution to answer these requests.

Over the weekend they created the Sponsor-a-Patriot Program. This program is designed to assist activists in getting f.r.e.e. issues of Republic Magazine to distribute. The program is entirely funded through donations made directly to a designated fund at Republic Magazine.

100% of each donation goes to the purchase of magazines that will be distributed by an activist who has signed up to participate in the program. Activists in need can take advantage of the program by submitting a form with their contact information and distribution plan.No activist will be turned away; however, availability of magazines is dependent on the donations to the Sponsor-a-Patriot Fund.

If you would like to donate to the fund or take advantage of this program, the buttons below will take you to the appropriate page.

Please consider supporting this effort as it is so important to match up the activists in need with the materials necessary to get the word out to the public.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Post to Thank You

I want to extent my appreciation to my advertisers for this blog. I think this is the first time that my EC reach this price and the longest days to take for the ad to show. Yeey, my hard work is finally paying off. Again, thank you so much for placing an ad here.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Looking for something, try Wiki

Shopping online is very common these days. I am one of those people who do just that. I have four kids and shopping and walking in the store looking for something is not what they enjoy. Shopping works for my kids if they are riding on a shopping cart. You see not all shopping store have carts, and having four children running around while I shop is very stressful. Shopping online for anything at Wiki is so much relaxing. I do most of my shopping at home in the comfort of my home for boys and girls clothing from size newborns to size 20's. Furthermore, if I have any questions all I have to do is click on the buying guide tab to get some answers. I also mention before that we keep our thermostat in the certain temperature and shopping for slippers for my children at Wiki's is very easy. All you have to do is type in your search and ShopWiki will do the rest.

Web Directories

Blogging sounds very easy for some however; getting people to read what you wrote is very hard. I was looking for ways how to make my card dropping better a few nights ago, and I came across some interesting suggestions. Until now, I haven't really finish reading and applying what I have read so far to my blogs. I also read a lot about search engine optimization on how it can help you get traffic to your blogs. I wish that I have all the time in the world to read all of this to get better optimization. I’m not really selling anything but traffic is always welcome to my blogs. Furthermore, optimizing my websites will help it ranks well on search engine results pages. I can’t seem to find time to read and understand such marketing tools these days. I should probably visit some more free directories to find out more about these tools. Do you agree?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Salmonella in Peanut Butter?

And they are supposed to feed this as free lunch for school children, or those who get free lunch in school. What are they trying to do kill all the ones who gets free lunch? The government are giving money to this people so that they have something to eat, now they want them dead? Am I the only one seeing the pattern here?

First of all how the heck is salmonella get into the peanut butter? Next thing I will hear about peanut butter is the FDA will add another way to process the already process peanut butter to say that to kill what ever gets into it after roasting. Guess what, why not fix the problem some other way instead of making all the food bad for human consumption. Furthermore, where are billionaires getting the food they are eating? If their house help shop in a regular grocery stores they will be eating the same thing, but somehow they are not affected by this. Do they fly in places that you can eat organic food for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Highly likely if you ask me, I don't trust the organic they sell in the grocery stores either. Mass production is not organic in my opinion.

You better pack your children lunch and do not trust the food they are feeding in school. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DC Cyber School in the News

Like what I mention in my post here, and it finally made the Philly News. I can't really say anything much other than what I already posted with above link. Below is what I got from philly news.

Devon charter school sues parents

By Martha Woodall

Inquirer Staff Writer
Several parents at the Agora Cyber Charter School in Devon who asked questions about the school's finances have been sued by the founder and her management company.

Dorothy June Brown contends that the parents and the Agora Parent Organization defamed her and Cynwyd Group L.L.C. in complaints sent to the state Department of Education and in e-mails circulated to other parents at the statewide cyber school.

The parents say they were just trying to get answers about the relationship between Cynwyd Group and Agora. The cyber school rents its headquarters from Cynwyd under a nine-year lease and pays the firm a management fee of at least 4 percent, according to a services agreement. Brown owns Cynwyd and serves as its senior consultant to Agora, according to school and state records.

The civil suit Brown filed in Montgomery County Court on Jan. 21 alleges that the parents made misleading statements "that give the clear but false impression that Dr. Brown is corrupt, incompetent and possibly criminal."

The suit also says the parents' association "sought to interfere with Cynwyd's contractual relationship with Agora by spreading untruths about Dr. Brown and by implying that she had improperly used public funds."

Brown and Cynwyd are seeking more than $150,000 in damages for libel, slander and civil conspiracy.

"The allegations are false," Gladys Stefany of Milton, Pike County, said in an e-mail yesterday. She said she learned about the suit last Tuesday when she was served with papers.
'Civil conspiracy'
"When did asking for information that is or should be public information become 'civil conspiracy?' " asked Stefany, who has a 15-year-old daughter enrolled in Agora and is president of the parents' organization.

"It is sad that it has come to this, but I'm happy we'll finally have the opportunity to air our case in the open and get answers to our questions."

Stefany said the questions did not involve the school's academic program. She said she was more than satisfied with the instruction her special-needs daughter has received.

News of the suit left several lawyers and education officials scratching their heads.

"I haven't heard of a case of this sort in recent memory," Len Reiser, co-director of the Education Law Center in Center City, said yesterday.

Lawyers from the Pennsylvania School Boards Association agreed.
SLAPP suit?
Angelique Smith of Aston and her husband, Ira, are among the six parents named in the complaint. She said she believed the case amounted to what is known as a "strategic lawsuit against public participation" (SLAPP) and was meant to intimidate and silence critics.

"This is really about freedom of speech and freedom of association," Smith said. "This is akin to going to a regular public school and telling the PTA to get out."

Brown referred all questions about the suit to her attorney, Wendy Beetlestone. Beetlestone said it was a defamation case and not a SLAPP suit.

"In any kind of public discussion, you have to make sure that what you say is true and doesn't bring down the reputation of the person you're talking about," Beetlestone said.

She said parents had failed to respond to requests to stop spreading information that she said defamed Brown.

"June Brown is a highly respected and innovative educator and has been for many years," Beetlestone said. "When the debate turns to making false statements and doing everything they can to bring her down, she is left with no other option. That's what this lawsuit is about."

Brown is the founder of three traditional charter schools in Philadelphia. In 2005, she and Brien N. Gardiner, founder of the Philadelphia Academy Charter School in Northeast Philadelphia, co-founded Agora to provide online home instruction to students across the state.

The school Web site listed Gardiner as a co-founder, but his name was removed in May after he became the subject of a federal criminal investigation at Philadelphia Academy and was fired from his consulting position at the charter.

The lawsuit against the parents claims Gardiner "had no role in founding Agora and his name does not appear in Agora's application for a charter or in subsequent organizational documents."

Brown's lawsuit also charges that Agora parents tried to imply that she "was guilty of some financial wrongdoing on the basis of her association with Gardiner."

Records show that Brown and Gardiner did business together. In 2005, they established Cynwyd Group as an educational management company, state records show.

In November 2007, the company paid $1.9 million to buy a property at 60 Chestnut Ave., Tredyffrin, that houses the Agora headquarters. The relationship between Gardiner and Brown was severed in May 2008.

Gardiner and others were removed from Philadelphia Academy in May. An internal investigation alleged in July that Gardiner and Kevin O'Shea, the academy's former chief executive officer, defrauded the 1,200-student school and misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars for personal gain. Their alleged practices are part of the ongoing federal investigation.

Brown came under scrutiny from the Pennsylvania Public School Employees Retirement System in the spring for collecting salaries as CEO of two of her other charter schools. She stepped down from both positions after the state legislature changed the law in July to bar charter administrators from collecting more than one salary and from earning money from any entity that does business with charters.

Parents said they had repeatedly asked Agora's board of trustees for information about the relationship between Agora and Cynwyd. They said they also tried to obtain the information from Brown, who is listed as the school's open-records officer.

When their questions went unanswered, the parents filed complaints with the Department of Education, which has oversight of the 11 cyber charter schools.

In their complaints, the parents said they were concerned that the school was violating the terms of its charter by hiring an outside management company when the charter said Agora would not use a management firm.

Agora enrolls more than 4,000 students from across Pennsylvania, the suit says.

The charter's most recent federal tax filing shows it received nearly $8.1 million in taxpayer money in 2006-07, when 1,500 students were enrolled.

Under the state funding formula, students' home districts pay varying amounts for them to attend Agora. In the current school year, for example, Philadelphia pays $8,088 per student in regular education; Jenkintown pays $15,174.

And here is what the PDE answer about the whole thing.

"GALVESTON — It appeared late Friday that the district was backing
down from its threat to sue a parent for defamation.

In a statement issued late Friday afternoon, Superintendent Lynne
Cleveland recommended that the district drop all legal action against
a Web site it has accused of defamation."

The battle between the district and Tetley drew national attention
last week when a link to the story was posted on The Drudge Report, a
Web site that has links to national and international stories. The
number of hits on jumped from 300 a day to more
than 6,000. Bloggers nationwide tuned in to the fight.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Top EC Dropper

Here is the list of my top EC dropper. You can also see how many times they came and visit my blog. One blog in particular (windmillonthehill) made the lists on all of my blogs. An EC credit will be going your way from the blog, I hope you have a use for it.

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