Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Else Now

I read on MSN this morning that some scientist testing the third hand smoke and telling everyone that could everyone who is exposed with third hand smoke. No I'm not bashing the cigarettes industry, I'm bashing the these organization who tries to ban everything. Another scare tactics for American people. So, how many people do you know who died of cancer in the olden days? Smoking anywhere were not ban those days. You can smoke anywhere and anytime you wanted.

Next thing they will pass a law that you are not allowed to smoke in your own house, on your own property or even your own car because you have children. I don't care, let them kill their own children that would be less stupid people in this world in my opinion. Believe everything you hear from mass media that will do a lot for you these days...NOT!


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Makoy said...

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