Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yea, you think so, but not that kind of flooding. I would say 75% maybe more of blogs that I visited (EC dropped) since the inauguration talks about the inaugurated. Something about not Jackie O., finally the change is here to begin (will let me tell you about change, if you want it you voted for the wrong person), and how much money he already spent just for getting inaugurated. The last two we can talk about, however I can care less on what they look like and what they are wearing.

The citizens under his political party will be so happy, because they think that he will do what he promised. I'm not counting chicks here until it hatch. My doubt is weighing more the believing in him. He now belong to this politics corporation in my opinion. Furthermore, he only been in office for what a day, and I am getting sick seeing his picture everywhere. This is the same reason why I don't watch television, now bloggers posted/ will post about him so often now. Maybe I should delete all the blogs in my EC drop list who posted about him. Haaay, life the good ones can't win.

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Mae said...

I am kinda like you and I am getting sick same old talk about this. That's a done deal.