Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

New Year is here, inauguration day is coming soon and I wonder what will happen next, and how is our government going to be. Will the new president help us get out of the hole we are in now or are we going down deeper? Will we pay more taxes to cover all the bailouts that are coming? And speaking of bailouts, how much percentage of the first bailout Bush put into his pocket? His grandchildren will be set for life in my opinion.

More laws coming out, do we really need more. Laws that will protect the ruler and the rich of this country. We are not a republic anymore. I can't see a light at the end of this hole, and if you do let me know. Maybe I need a pair of glasses to see it, hah.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Foundation for Rational Economics and Education

The Founders' inspired vision of limited government has been kept alive by the hard work and generosity of Americans who truly cherish individual Liberty... average people like you and me.

In the toughest times... times like we are facing right now in the life of our nation... freedom fighters have always stepped forward for America—armed with whatever it takes and at whatever sacrifice—to answer the call to defend our liberty. That's how America was born and how we, as a free and sovereign nation, have survived.

A major economic crisis is unfolding in our nation. New government programs are started daily, and future plans are being made for even more costly government expansion. All are based on the belief that we're in this mess because free-market capitalism and sound money failed. The obsession is with more spending, bailouts of bad investments, more debt, and further dollar debasement. Many are saying we need an international answer to our problems with the establishment of a world central bank and a single fiat reserve currency.

These suggestions are merely more of the same policies that created our mess and are doomed to fail.

It is unimaginable that Congress could be so derelict in its duty. It does nothing but condone the arrogance of the Fed in its refusal to tell us where the $2 trillion has gone. Every Member of Congress and every American should be outraged that conditions could deteriorate to this degree. It's no wonder that a large and growing number of Americans are now demanding an end to the Fed.

The Federal Reserve created our problem, yet it manages to gain even more power in the socialization of the entire financial system. The whole bailout process this past year was characterized by no oversight, no limits, no concerns, no understanding, and no common sense.

I hear daily from Americans like you who are up in arms about what is going on in our nation. Messages come into my congressional office morning, noon and night. Taxpayers are outraged by the huge bailouts, the massive expansion of government and the refusal by Congress and the leaders of both parties to follow the Constitution.

Many Americans are frustrated—or even outright angry—about failed government policies that just tighten the government's noose around our necks.

The results of the recent election and the socialist policies that we are seeing proposed are indeed reminiscent of FDR and the New Deal and are equally dangerous. Free market economists and historians have correctly pointed out that Roosevelt's horrendous economic policies only served to prolong and extend the severity of the Great Depression by many years. When the market is not allowed to work, government-created economic downturns are only made that much worse.

Since the financial crisis has become more and more apparent and the attempts by the Fed, and Treasury and Congress to solve the problem have become more desperate, my phone has been ringing off the wall with calls from media outlets wanting to interview me and get my opinions about what is going on and how we need to deal with it.

During the presidential election, do you remember how the media scoffed at my suggestions that we were facing economic disaster? They laughed at my calls for limited government, for abolishing the Fed and the IRS, for cutting federal spending at home and abroad to balance our budget, and my call for a sound monetary system.

Today, with the crisis at hand, they are not laughing any more.

But, if we love our nation, it is not sufficient for us to sit back and say "we told you so."

The task before us is huge. Our challenge is both political and philosophical, but either way the solution must begin by properly educating Americans as to why our current out-of-control, misguided political and financial systems have failed, and what must be done to turn things around.

My Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE) has been waging such an educational effort for several decades. We have had a great deal of success publishing newsletters and books and producing radio and TV programs teaching people about the Constitution and free markets and sound money.

FREE has done much to educate patriots like you and to win the battle for the hearts and minds of Americans young and old. Today, however, given the severity of the crisis we face, we must do even more in our battle to spread the truth It is imperative that we redouble and expand the work and scope of FREE's educational effort. Right now, while people are still looking for answers and even the media is trying to figure out what in the world is going on, we must step in to fill the void that exists and to provide answers and solutions for the problems that face us.

You have been a faithful supporter of the cause of liberty. You understand the serious nature of the threats that confront us and the dangers posed to our freedom and our very way of life.

It is up to us step up and lead the pro-freedom movement, not just in Congress, but in every community and at every level of government and every institution of learning.

Our ability to lead this movement comes from your tax-deductible contribution to FREE. $50 or $100, or even $250 or more if you can afford it, is urgently needed to help fund the effort to turn our government and our nation around... before it is too late.

Leadership is sorely lacking in Washington. It is time for true leaders like us to step forward and offer the vision needed to point Congress and our nation in the right direction... and to halt the assault on our nation's sovereignty.

This is a dangerous time. But it is also an historic opportunity. Please help today with your most generous, tax-deductible gift for freedom. We must act swiftly to fill the leadership void in Washington. The time is NOW and the need is urgent!!!

Please log on to and contribute to the incredibly important work of FREE. No gift is too small... and every donation will help me continue to lead the battle for Liberty.

I'm counting on you.

For Liberty,
Ron Paul

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trying to Change The Constitution?

What else they will not do? Call your representatives and tell them to vote NO for this. Too late for us Pennsylvanians, i didn't even know anything about it since our representatives voted for it. Too late to know now, I can't call them up and tell them to vote against it.

How twisted is this country will get? Yes they will change after the congress voted for the bailouts. Now they will say that they need to pass this because of them. That is not true at all. They passed it because they told them so, plain and simple.

Now they will come out and tell the American people why the constitution need to be change. Why not just write a law that say "do not follow the constitution or anything to do with our forefathers". Very simple isn't it?

American people are done in my opinion.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Year End Republic Magazine BLOWOUT!

As you know this is a crucial time for our country's future. As the holiday draws near, we have the opportunity to connect with family and loved ones that may not know of the troubles that lay ahead.

We've put together a special package for this occasion that contains all the information you will need to finally wake up those that you care about the most, because you may not get another chance...

You'll get:
20 copies of Republic Magazine Issue #10
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That's 82 issues! Everyone has a different "hot button" that will wake them up. This COMPLETE package targets any situation or conversation you might have this holiday.

We only have 400 of these packages to offer and they WILL be gone soon! Make sure you get yours now...

To order please click HERE or you can follow the banner above and the one from my side bar. I'm not really sure if you can see it on Firefox because I can't. However if you are using Chrome and Internet Explorer you will be able to see it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

November Top Ten EC Dropper

It's time of the month again to thank my top ec droppers. Thank you so much for my top 10 and to those who did not make the list. Your drops are very much appreciated.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just For Your Information

When we (DH and I) went to the revolution rally in Washington DC on July 12, Naomi Wolf was one of the guest speaker whom spoke along Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul and other constitutionalists.

A lot of you will think that we are all out of our mind by speaking of what are the probem of this country. This is a free country, think what you like but the fact will no change and we are only trying to educate/wake everyone who seems set that everything are still fine in this country.

This video is half hour long, and I'm hoping you (who are still sleep) take a few minutes of your time and watch some part of this. You can always fast forward it to make it finish faster.

Like I said over and over, everything are in front of you. Do not sugar coat it and you will see it the way it's supposed to be. If you want to stay asleep fine too, but do not deny the facts.